Sales and Installations

We have a full range of high-quality commercial products.  Whether for fire extinguishers, cabinets, emergency lights, fire hoses or any other ancillary components, we will find you what you need at unbeatable prices.
We also offer a turnkey delivery and installation service.



Our mission is to protect your property and property from fire hazards. We travel to your premises to regularly maintain your fire extinguishers, whether portable, mobile or fixed.

We specialize in automatic extinguishing systems for commercial kitchens.   We do the installation, inspection, verification, maintenance and refills, so that your system is perfectly operational.

We also inspect your fire safety equipment such as emergency lights and fire hoses.   We make sure that all the components work properly. At the end of our interventions, we issue a detailed and accurate inspection report.

On-site maintenance and recharging

We maintain and fill our workshops with all the different types of extinguishers.  We also have a hydrostatic test station and filling station for all your different types of cylinders.

Rental of abc and co2 portable fire extinguishers

For your special events, renting a portable fire extinguisher is a better solution than buying all the equipment. A purchase of equipment means maintenance and storage of equipment, which can result in much higher costs than just renting. We offer service with delivery and pickup.